It may be a dream afraid of waking up, or it may be a dream coming to realization in the next morning.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be a Control Freak!

Someone says,

"I don't know how to start..."
"Let me make a cup of coffee first..."
"I can't study with a blunt pencil, I want to sharpen it first..."
"Lemme read my e-mails first."
"I have another 10 hours to go, one hour of sleeping won't hurt."
"He's a man, he should make a move first!"
"I think the post office is close today..."
"I'll just start dieting in April, only one day to go."
"The job's a sale. I don't want sale."
"I wish I could go to Aquaria..."
"(Waking up and yawning) 5 more minutes... (ZzZzZz)"
"(After Mom pestering about cleaning the house) I'll get right on it! After this one Youtube video!"

So, what common thing do you think all these line (which are excerpted from me myself and people around me) are implying? Yes, they all show us PROCRASTINATION...

                                                   This art is basically my way to procrastinate... *sigh

Basically, procrastination is delaying something that can rightfully be done right about now. Usually, procrastination is associated with time, such as "5 more minutes," or "tomorrow" but most people don't realize that procrastination can be virtually almost anything, any form of activities that hold us back from doing the thing.

My latest procrastination is line no. 8. I was asked to accept a part-time job at KL. I told myself, go for it, don't say no. Then, when I went there, suddenly I was understood that the part-time job was sale for product "Skor A" under the Ministry of Education. The job was quite fine (well, I only thought so after I decline the offer) where I had to go to major universities and try to promote the products. I love universities so until now why I declined the offer, I couldn't decipher. Wait, my reason was I hate sales...

In my humble opinion, one thing related to procrastination is a lack of control in life. We let issues like "hating sales," or "blunt pencil," or "hungry stomach" control whether or not we're moving on that particular time. I regret until now that I didn't accept the part time offer while I knew completely how I need money to go to Turkey in April.

Therefore, to remind myself and the readers out there, lessen the tendency to procrastinate. Take control of your life, well, be a control freak on this, I think it's acceptable. One research has shown that happiness is enhanced when you perceive more control in life.

Take a look at this video (hope that it's not one of my reasons procrastinating from revising the driving lessons book now)...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Makes Us Happy?

On March 19, 2010, in the IIUM, precisely Experimental Hall at the administration building, happened an event that marked an important moment in my life, To be honest, I did frown upon a little bit when asked to perform a poem reading onstage at that night for a Maulud Rasul program. The moment I got a call from Alparslan, a Turkish friend of mine, I did say to myself, "please just get me out of that night fast!" Sorry Alp...

But, things changed a little bit when I attended the first rehearsal day. I met new friends, re-met old unknown friends, patched things up with a long-lost friend and I did catch up with old known friends too. The second day of rehearsal, things became a little bit more fun. I still didn't realize this fact though, as me reading a poem in front of other people for the first time of my life was very unimaginable.

Then the day came, where everybody was busy preparing, rehearsing, and decorating, well the hall that is. I was aware that I experienced this kind of elevated feelings, as if I was high of some drugs. I was thinking, perhaps it could have something to do with the nervousness. I socialized more and talked more with people. I tried to shift my attention to other people, as doing so could make me feel less nervous, but I still felt elated and shaky a little bit. Then, the night went on as it was planned, I did my performance, as did everyone else. Then, we proceeded to refreshment session where we socialized even more. And I was still euphoric (except I didn't know that it was euphoria).

Then the night ended, everyone had to go back to their own place. I realized something, that I became a bit down and devoured, and accidentally said to myself, "wait, it's finished?" and when I muttered those words, it struck me. I was happy, I was euphoric, I was elated. I was, fill in the blank with words that mean similarly to the first three I mentioned. It wasn't much about being nervous, it was so much about doing things that I was HAPPY about which were,

1) Doing seemingly impossible things.
2) Making new friends, retying broken friendships, and strengthening old ones.
3) Being in a group of people where respect was mutually exchanged.

So, yes, researches have shown a lot of variables that are generally associated with happiness such as, religion, substance, relationships, or even money. But for me, happiness is acquired in a more personal level. We personally know better ourselves what is it that makes it easier to carve a smile on our face. Happiness is something that other people should not tell you about, it is known when you learn about yourself and do things that is out of your comfort zone, because we always have a more capacity than meets the eyes.

So, hold your chest, close your eyes, and ask, "what makes me happy?"


I would like to personally thank my friends, Fatih, Alparslan, Remy, Harun, Askar, Revsan, Abulikemu and others who were involved in the program, because you guys, every single one of you, mentioned or not, made my day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Candle, Your Candle

They say that,
"blowing out the other person's candle will not make yours shine any brighter."
Perhaps it will contribute to the illusionary effect that only your candle will have its light lit up all over the room, but the fact is, the degree of its spectrum will be just the same.

In light of this metaphor, I would like to talk about a sad phenomenon in human psychology that is related to our need to blow out other person's candle to unleash the illusion that our light is the one that's spread out in space. Putting other people down is very common in organizations, universities, etc. A simple way to do this is by making another person look bad by mocking him in front of others, and worse cases could be enraged taste of revenge - whether or not the act is justified or not.

When I was working at a call centre, just like every other agent, we made some mistakes. Some customers could let go of those mistakes and forgive upon apology, but some customers could go on to amazing lengths to make sure that his disappointment was heard. The angry customer would make extra efforts to write dozens of e-mails with explicit name of the specific agent, call everyday to follow up with the case, and ensure the complaints lodged arrived at the desk of the superior. If their intention is to improve the quality of job the agents make then it should be honorable, but unfortunately, it was also very obvious that they intended for the complaints so something bad would happen to the agents in question.

So, this brings us back to the original question - why do people take every possible measure to ensure that other people will be down - whether or not the revengeful act is justified? A lot of research have been conducted to see if the myth is true that revenge can serve as a punching bag - a way to relieve anger. Well, that is why it is a MYTH, because revenge will only hurt more than relieve (Kirschner, 2009). According to the author, revenge increases the risk of health problem and stress. 

The opposite of revenge, which is forgiveness can always cure the malady in an angry heart. In one research, individuals who forgive more often are observed to have less increase in blood pressure and to less likely make medical visits (Pirisi, 2000). Why? Because the act of revenge makes the person to concentrate on the rage and until the perpetrator's candle is blown out, he will never feel satisfied, furthering more rage.

So, to certain extent, forgive - it will grant serenity on your side...  


Kirschner, D. (2009). Relationship advice: Revenge not taken. Psychology today. Retrieved on 11th March 2010 from http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/finding-true-love/200909/relationship-advice-revenge-not-taken

Pirisi, A. (2000). Forgive to live. Psychology Today. Retrieved on 11th March 2010 from http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200007/forgive-live

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Bounty Hunters

I believe that most of us have experienced the situation where we're so financially strapped, that we worry about how to pay for next semester's fees, or our children's tomorrow's feeding, or the rent for the next month? These and so many similar experiences are enough to give us the stressful impact as it is given by any major fallouts like disaster or death.

The 24 hours that we have in a day, we occupy our minds with endless planning on what we can do to make sure we survive the next morning. We are restless until we are rest assured that our life tomorrow will be taken care of. This kind of planning makes it so worrisome for us if things go wrong, and when the clock goes near to 12 midnight, but we still couldn't figure out the ways.

Our behaviors are very much common to what they call as, the bounty hunter... Bounty hunters never rest until they capture whatever it is that they need to capture.

But, as a Muslim, do we realize that there is one simple answer for all this tribulation. Take a look at this verse,


One part of this verse that has been named as the 1000 Dinar Verse, states how a resource can be very unlikely that Allah can provide to His slaves. It is also stated that the slaves who give entirely up to Him will always be sufficient and there's always a way out for every problem. Bounty is up to Him. This doesn't mean that we should stop making efforts, it just means that we should believe and stop being overly worried, because Allah will never run away.

So, the next time if we're strapped for money, we're worried whether we're able to pay for next semester's fee, or concerned that our children are unfed, or the payment for the rent next month, then remember this...

Allah provides rezqi...

P/S: I would like to specially thank my friend, Islam for his reminder on this... It's a huge slap in the face...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yesterday... Today... Tomorrow...

In “Don’t Be Sad,” there is a remarkable part of the wisdom that denotes people’s obsession to dwell in the unfortunate past (funny how people always forget that their past has some wonderful moments) or too indulged in the uncertain future.

They say experience is an important thing to guide you in life, but experience alone is not enough, which is why the past can’t completely tell you what you are or who you are in present. Sometimes, in the past, we went through something painful and people who are stuck aging in suffer and refusal to move on. The past should be the platform where we learn and improve, but for some who are obsessed with it, is a cage that has no door nor lock. You can be the product of your past decisions and actions, and since the name is ‘product’, we can’t really do anything about it but change and improve if the result is not desirable. They say,

“Being adult is not about making the right choices, but about dealing with the choices you made…”

Yes, it’s important that we plan for the future, making sure that whatever we decide is something that will be worth it. But some people assume too much until it becomes part of their reality. Assumption is not planning, and is never healthy because assumption can be a seed for unnecessary ridiculousness. The future is what will happen, and is not a product yet, but still why some people treat it like it’s already in front of the eye? Even the next second is the closest future we have but we still can’t completely predict what will happen, so why breaking a sweat at something that you know has not happened yet? They say,

“No dreams come true until you wake up…”

But, present is the product of the past.

Present is the plan for the future.

Present is what we see in the eye.

Present is present now…

So, hold present’s hand and take care of it, because you don’t want it to be the cycled product of unfortunate past, or the new horrible beginning of an ill-fated future…