It may be a dream afraid of waking up, or it may be a dream coming to realization in the next morning.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In psychological literature, a lot of research have shown the relationship between having the right attitude and performance in an organization. What I say in here is strictly not researched yet, but I do believe that there are some mediating variables that bridge this relationship. Some of you are students, so I guess you understand that this relationship also applies to your academic life.

Yes, this is a common sense kind of issue, we all know this. Perhaps you already muttered it, “Duh! Taufik, write something more chic!”. But, how often do we really remember to actually have the right attitude? Why do so many people still fail in one subject repeatedly? Why do so many people still do mistakes that once was made? Obviously, because when the advice is obvious, we become oblivious.

Hence, the word Redha (consent, willingness, accepting) comes in. My very nice team leader, Zahirah (I really wish she has the best of everything in life) pointed this out for me and made me realize, when we don’t really feel the consent of what that has come our way, for a very good example, me working at a call centre, our performance drops down. Perhaps because Redha is interrelated with passion and passion is interrelated with trying hard enough. We barely give efforts to things whose existence we frown upon.

I am moved to write about this because I realized how much screwed-up my working life is because my attitude about call centre is screwed-up in the first place. Day by day I witness the fallout of my lack of efforts and troubles I caused people just because I worked here due to the desperation to feel like a grownup. And I am telling you, that ain’t the right attitude.

So, as my respectful close friend, Jason Aw said, embrace everything that comes your way. Make it something valuable and an experience that actually makes you smile when you’re old and gray, and you are reminiscing about it. As another wise anonymous old man said,

Friday, January 22, 2010

One Last Week

Wow, it's finally the final week of my working life at Shell Superkad Services Sdn. Bhd. I can't believe I actually stayed for more than 2 months in a call centre and I should say that despite how I frown upon going to this workplace everyday, I value the experience and knowledge this job has been offering. When I gave the 30-day notice to my boss, I can't help but notice that Kubler-Ross' 5 Stages of Dying - err, resigning - actually happen to me...

1) Denial: When the environment, job scope, the atmosphere, people, and every aspect of the job subtly demanded me to resign, I actually believed that I could handle at least a half year in a call centre. I tried refusing to accept the fact that it's time for me to kiss the workplace goodbye.

2) Anger: I realized that I couldn't continue denying, and in fact I couldn't continue anything at all. I was forced to write the resignation letter and actually babbled to myself angrily, "Why must I resign? Why can't just I be a little bit better and make this job worthwhile to you? Why do you have to give up now?"

3) Bargaining: Before submitting the notice, I actually spent an amount of time thinking if I could just at least stay for the bonus came in. I thought, at least if you really want to resign, make the exit an acceptable one. I went back and forth to the thought of resigning now or resigning 2 months later.

4) Depression: I submitted the notice after I realized that I couldn't afford to stay for another month. I felt like I just admitted defeat and really had no energy to even say, "Shell Service Centre, Taufik speaking, how may I assist you?" It felt like I lost control.

5) Acceptance: I finally made peace with my decision to resign. I came to terms to believing that it's going to be the best decision I would ever make, and yes, it seems so day by day.

Now it's the last week of my working life, and I'll try making the best out of it. Maybe it'll be the hardest week ever. I don't know. But I can hope that it'll be the best week ever.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Mom's the Word

"Taufik, go clean up the bottom side of your bed now!"

My mom couldn't stop nagging me to take care of that germy area, because honestly it looked like a place where only rats and roaches live. It was full with things that i didn't know what, it could be dead bodies inside there. Well, it wasn't that I was lazy, I was just very depressed about my Masters applications, it didn't go anywhere. Even if I wanted to submit the apps packet, I couldn't because I was still waiting for my lecturer's recommendation letter. I had one copy but I lost it. I almost believed that my dream to go abroad crushed like Hulk grasping a thin glass in his bare hand.

Then, spoken the order for second time, "Taufik, what did I say? Go do it now..."

"Hold on, I'll be right on it." After enjoying a blissful delay of several minutes, finally I lifted my butt up and started doing my chores. I folded the clothes, rearranged some stuffs, and swipe the floor. Then, I got to the scary place. The place where curses might be dwelling, and quiet monster might be waiting for the next conjuring up. It's the bottom side of my bed!

No, I exaggerated, it's not as unlivable as above, but the so many stuffs there can cause terrible headache by just being looked at. I started taking out one of them, which was a basket with old books. Then, I pulled an old bag with nothing inside. Then, I took out a plastic bag that hid my sunglass! My sunglass! I was getting excited and more excited. Then, I found a milk bottle that my nephew cried his heart out for losing. Then, suddenly, I was taken aback, that in one corner of the messiness and disorderliness, laid a very important document that I had been looking for... It was my lecturer's recommendation letter!! I was basically screaming and jumping around like I was on springs.

Then, it hit me. Oh my God, let's say I refused to obey my mom. Let's say I decided to extend that so-called wonderful postponement and lying on the bed. Would I ever have ever found the document and submit the apps packet the very same day? Would I ever have cam-whored myself with my rediscovered sunglass? That's why they say, mother's words are full of blessings...

So, friends, listen to your mother. They know best. They might not know many of the things you do, like directing the cursor to a certain button, or replacing the plug of your bike, or searching for TV channels, but they do know what's best for you, more than you do yourself. Believe me, I know...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Bismillah-ir Rahman-ur Rahim,

Yes, now I have a blog. Should it sound funny when I said I set up a blog because it's kinda a fad that people are currently obsessed now? No, not really, I set up this blog because just like everyone else, I have what i want to put out of mind. Well, we can't blame anyone for wanting to make sure everyone is up with their biz, or a piece of mind. It is just that the blog technology makes it very easy now for people to make sure their voices are heard over the space, without having to shout. When before only politicians, parents and product promoters get to speak in volumes, now we can too, except we type it out. Ok, why am I explaining myself for having a blog?

So, now, this blog should be about people, because as I stated above there, I have passions about people. I have passions about understanding why people behave in certain ways, how to promote certain behaviors, how to prevent certain other behaviors, and the colors that people paint in this world that make it so constantly diverse and interesting. I hope I have a lot to talk about in the future...

I'm listening to OneRepublic's Marching On as I type this entry. So yeah! March on! Let's march on! In that song they sing,
There’s so many wars we fought,
There’s so many things we’re not,
But with what we have,
I promise you that,
We’re marching on...
What do you guys think are the psychology that these lines are trying to imply here?

Well, then, see you guys again in the next posts!